What Do You Do When You Have Thyroid Problems

…and The Drugs Don’t Work?

If you’ve been suffering from thyroid issues, you know that low thyroid problems can be frustrating. After going to doctor after doctor and taking medications, people still have many symptoms.

Some of these symptoms include problems with energy, weight, and gut function. These often compound creating more anxiety, nervousness, and feelings of helplessness. This can have a devastating effect on your physical image, self-esteem, and confidence.

Fixing thyroid issues improves energy. It helps you to lose weight (making diet & exercise effective once more). And it helps you to improve your quality of life.

And the truth is, it’s easier than you think. We’ve helped thousands of low thyroid sufferers. They restored their energy. They were finally able to lose weight. They were even able to improve their hair and skin.

Who This Is For

This is for anyone who is suffering from low thyroid symptoms. Some of these symptoms include:

• Low energy & fatigue
• Weight gain (or the inability to lose weight even with diet & exercise)
• Dry, brittle hair
• Hair falling out in clumps
• Loss of the outer 1/3 of the eyebrows
• Cracked or brittle nails
• Dry skin
• Brain fog
• Nervousness or irritability (getting upset over trivial things)
• Anxiety or depression
• Decreased mental function
• Mood swings
• Inability to get a good night’s sleep
• Gastrointestinal problems (constipation, diarrhea, abdominal bloating)
• Low libido
• Food allergies or intolerances
• Heart palpitations
• Blood sugar imbalances
• Chemical sensitivities
• Sex hormone imbalances
• Heavy or irregular periods
• Adrenal gland dysfunction

Can You Identify With One Or More Of These Symptoms?

So What Is This Proven Process?

I’ve now used this process clinically to help thousands of low thyroid sufferers just like you to transform their energy, body, and overall health…

A Bio-Systems Approach for Finding The Triggers That Cause Thyroid Dysfunction

You already knew you had a thyroid problem. But you haven’t yet found anything that has been effective at correcting your problems.

You’ve been to your primary care physician. You might have also been to see an endocrinologist. They did some lab testing. The tests came back that you have low thyroid hormone and high TSH.

The doctors prescribed thyroid medications for you. These may include drugs like Synthroid, levothyroxine, Cytomel, Armour, Nature-Thyroid Triostat, and others). Yet, despite taking the right drug, at the right dose, at the right times, you still have these symptoms.

Is it possible that the medications don’t work? Is it possible that there is some other root problem causing all these problems? You might be asking yourself: “What’s wrong with me? And why isn’t my doctor fixing this problem?”

Who This Is Not For

Our approach is not for everyone. So how do you know up front if this is for you, or if you are wasting your time? This approach is not for you…

• If you aren’t serious about improving your health and your life
• If you aren’t willing to take action to change your situation
• If you are only interested in whatever the insurance covers

If any of these sounds like you, it’s nothing to be ashamed about. As I said, this approach is not for everyone. The people we work with get awesome results. They are looking for something beyond the standard of care. They already tried this and failed to get the results they wanted. They’re looking for something else. If that sounds like you, stick around.

Let Me Introduce Myself

Dr. Kevin Smith







Before we continue, I should stop and introduce myself. My name is Dr. Kevin Smith. I am a functional medicine clinician. I have board certifications in integrative medicine, functional medicine, and clinical nutrition. I have been in clinical practice since 2001. Also, I’m a researcher, a published author, and a public speaker.

I want to share with you a personal problem I experienced almost two decades ago. When I graduated from school, I moved back to my hometown of Pittsburgh. I opened my practice and focused on such problems as back pain, neck pain, headaches, sports injuries, etc..

I was good at my work, and word was getting around. My practice was growing and I helped a lot of people. But something was missing. I was unable to correct certain medical problems. The traditional care was not enough.

People were coming to me with thyroid issues, diabetes, hormone imbalances, gastrointestinal problems. Unfortunately, I felt like I didn’t have the right kind of “tools” to help them.

I Needed New Tools To Fix These Problems

I started post-doctoral training in clinical nutrition, laboratory diagnosis, and functional medicine. I then studied blood chemistry analysis, biochemistry, functional endocrinology, and science-based nutrition.

I achieved board certifications in functional medicine, integrative medicine, and clinical nutrition.

Today, this is the area in which I have the most expertise. Over the last 20 years, I have helped thousands of people. I was able to build a skill that focuses on complex problems like thyroid problems.

We have a program of care that is unique and designed for people with hypothyroidism.

We Go Beyond The Standard of Care

The standard of care uses drugs to mask problems. We focus on the hidden root causes of what could be driving your problem in the first place.

I am not anti-drug. Drugs save lives every day. But (and most people would agree with me) that we live in a drug culture. The United States has only 4% of the world’s population. Yet we consume 75% of all the drugs manufactured throughout the world. What’s worse is that most of these medications do very little to help with hypothyroidism.

Unfortunately for most people with thyroid problems, that is the reality.

The standard of care is to use the drug approach.

Research shows this only is effective in 17% of all thyroid cases. That means it doesn’t work 83% of the time. It doesn’t matter which drug the doctors prescribe. No matter what they give you, you will only have a 17% chance of getting better. For most people, that’s not good enough.

Imagine being able to finally get relief from your thyroid problems. Imagine being able to be free from the prison that is robbing you of your joy and happiness. Imagine what it will feel like to have unstoppable energy. Imagine finally losing weight, getting a good night’s sleep, or feeling normal once again.

All these things are all possible.

The Place to Start Is With A Thyroid Training Webinar

The place to start is with you watching a thyroid training webinar. There are things regarding thyroid issues you are never going to get from your medical doctors. They simply don’t know what I know.

For example, did you know that there are “triggers” that can cause disruption in normal thyroid physiology? These “triggers” are various peripheral imbalances in the body, that if left undiagnosed will continue to cause thyroid problems. In other words, if you do not identify and then eliminate these underlying root problems, it doesn’t matter how much Synthroid you take, you will constantly be hounded by low thyroid symptoms.

In order to fix the issues you have, we need to explore all the parameters of your problem. I need to connect the dots and figure out what is actually causing your problems, we can then design a plan of action to correct them.

It is important to finally put this problem behind you so you can start living life on YOUR terms once again. These problems aren’t only affecting you. They radiate outward and impact everyone in your life.

• They can affect romantic relationships
• They can affect your job performance
• They can affect friendships
• They can affect your creativity
• They can affect your ability to solve problems
• They can affect your self-esteem and self-worth
• They can affect how proud you are when you look into a mirror

The time is now to take back your health and your life!

For people who suffer from thyroid problems, unfortunately, there is no such thing as a quick fix. There is no such thing as “instant gratification”. It took time for you to develop your problem. And it is going to take time to unwind your problems.

But we need to start somewhere. And that place is educating you more about the problems that can drive thyroid issues. You need to own your problem, so you can take back control over your health.

Think of all the money you are throwing down the drain on the medications that are failing to help you. Now think about the money you are losing in lost productivity, lost creativity, and a failure to be at your best.

You can get access to the thyroid training video for $7.

That’s it. For $7, I will share with you the nine hidden triggers that wreck thyroid function. You will learn about a hidden root cause that affects 90% of all thyroid patients (but it is NEVER tested by medical doctors).

You’ll get a better understanding of the relationship between your gut and thyroid function. You’ll learn simple things you could be doing right now to improve your thyroid, get back energy, fix the brain fog, stop your hair from falling out, get rid of the aches & pains, and improve your skin and nails.

Question: Do any of these things create lasting changes in the quality of your life?

Of course, they do. You now have an opportunity to transform your life. You have the chance to work (one-on-one) with somebody who is an expert in the exact thing that is causing so many problems. You can work with a guide who can show you the pathway to a brighter tomorrow, and put your problems behind you.

What to Do Next

The next thing to do is secure access to the thyroid training webinar. You handle the $7 investment and then pick a time that’s available.

This will be one of the most important investments you ever made in your life. Together, we will show you literally all of the things that are contributing to your current state. For most people, they had no idea of the connections.

The past does not equal the future. I don’t care if you have had thyroid problems for 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, or even 20 years.

But I don’t accept everyone into my thyroid corrective program. Those who are accepted into the program, have a 98% chance of improvement. That’s not everybody. But it’s almost everybody. (It’s a lot better than the 17% chance you get when you choose the drug path).

Why Wait?

Why wait to take the next step? The two most dangerous things in the world are:

1. Procrastination: putting off taking care of a chronic health problem
2. Not Taking Responsibility: not accepting personal responsibility for your health.

You must STEP UP NOW. You must take massive action if you want to get the results you seek. We both have a job to do:

Your job: is to take action, and take the necessary steps to get access to the thyroid training webinar.

My job: is to guide you, coach you, and help you to achieve your goals so you can live life on YOUR terms once again.

Take Action Now!

It’s time to take action. It’s time to book your initial discovery phone consultation.

Do it now. Book your thyroid training webinar, and let’s change your life.

This webinar will show you clinically proven steps to rapidly transform energy levels and the overall health of thousands of people.

Reserve Your Spot Now!

“I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful my experience has been with Dr. Smith. I experienced a significant improvement in a very short time with him.”

-Ashley W.

“I was still overweight, sluggish, had aches and pains, and often got terrible migraines. I had tried diets and exercising in the past, but nothing ever made me feel better and I found that I often gave up after only a few weeks. No matter what I tried, I was never getting to the root cause of my problems. But, after of few weeks of consulting with Dr. Smith, who was able to pinpoint my issues better than the specialists I had seen in the past, he worked to develop a plan that was right for my body. I was amazed at the transformations I was seeing within myself and wow, did I feel great. Suddenly, I had more energy, was sleeping better, the aches and pains that I thought I’d suffer for the rest of my life were suddenly gone, and most importantly I had been migraine-free since starting his program. I’m now four full months into treatment, and I have never felt better. I’m continuing to lose weight (down 30 pounds so far) and managing my thyroid condition through a diet that is right for me. I couldn’t be happier with the treatment and guidance that Dr. Smith has provided me. Thank you, Dr. Smith.”

-Renee M.

“I could hardly function. I was suffering from many symptoms such as fatigue- falling asleep at work and while driving, body aches and pains, mood swings, weight gain, and serious brain fog. My endocrinologist’s response when I kept complaining of my symptoms was “Well yeah that’s what hypothyroidism does.” So he would up my dosage of levothyroxine and let me continue to get worse and worse. Luckily, my mom found Dr. Smith and within just the first month of his 6 month program, I had lost 17lbs and was starting to feel like a normal person again. Now, at the end of my program, I am down 30lbs and feeling the best I’ve felt in a very long time.”

-Krisi L.

The Thyroid Recovery Process

Step 1: Discover

Identify and eliminate environmental- and bio-toxins lurking in your body and sabotaging your energy – these toxins are linked to dozens of diseases and are silent killers. Advanced diagnostics to pinpoint hidden intracellular micronutrient deficiencies dragging down your performance – just one deficiency can create brain fog, weight loss resistance, and chronic fatigue. With advanced diagnostics, we identify exactly what’s broken and what to improve

Step 2: Correction

Get customized, hyper-targeted nutritional and supplement strategies for your unique body for rapid transformation and breakthrough results. Cutting-edge biohacking techniques to repair your compromised organ systems (this is the secret sauce 99% of health professionals miss.) We’ve developed a customized strategy for your body to upgrade your health and vitality.

Step 3: Sustain

Develop customized lifestyle solutions for your unique body specifically designed to enhance energy at the cellular level Longevity planning and integrated health practices to ensure a long, vibrant life at your peak performance. Advanced nutrition and lifestyle guidance to help you sustain amazing health and energy for life.

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Here’s What Get with Your Webinar:

Thyroid recovery information to uncover blind spots and the underlying causes of your issues.

Identify the #1 action you need to take to get your energy back now, how to implement it, and supporting practices you can use to accelerate your results.

Access to the most cutting-edge, “cause-based” functional lab tests for you that reveal the specific “red flags” that are blocking your performance.

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The Thyroid Recovery is not for everybody!

This is an extremely potent methodology and can completely transform your life. But it requires commitment. You have to follow through with the recommendations and strategies we give you to get results.

My reputation depends on your results so I will only work with individuals who are truly committed to their health.

That’s why I focus on specific issues for thyroid sufferers and the unique set of challenges they deal with.

If You Are a Thyroid Patient Who:

Experiences fatigue, exhaustion, or brain fog and want to 3-10X your energy.

Is frustrated with stubborn weight gain and wants to turn your body into a fat-burning machine with a lean, toned physique.

Wants to make a serious upgrade in brain health, clarity of thought, and overall mood.

Struggles with low productivity and work performance and want to increase your capacity to get more done in less time.

Is excited to elevate overall health, longevity, and happiness in life and create a foundation for a long, vibrant life.

Your Investment in All-Day Energy and Higher Performance:

How much is a higher level of performance worth? If you doubled your productivity, what would that do to your income in the next quarter?

Now take that number and extend it over the course of a year. Now 3 years. Now 5 years.

What kind of a return will your higher energy levels give you over the course of the next decade?

What kind of life would you be able to live? How would your relationships change if you weren’t exhausted at the end of the day? How would your quality of life change?

Your energy is your most valuable asset. Nurturing and protecting it is one of the best investments you can possibly make.


You can get full access to my complete toolkit, the advanced diagnostics and strategies, along with customized solutions for your body…

All for less than you would spend on lunch at Chipotle.


Just click the button below to reserve your spot today and begin your journey to limitless energy and higher performance.

I know what it’s like to feel jaded by the empty promises of health professionals. That’s what got me here in the first place. I tried everything out there and I am so confident this system works, I am willing to take on all of the risk for you.

Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine you could finally understand the underlying issues associated with your health and energy problems.

Envision a healthier, energized, and productive version of you.

Imagine being able to stop emotionally and financially devastating diseases before they take root.

Imagine the confidence and security that come with a clear plan of action to holistically address the underlying cause once and for all.

We believe this could be one of the best investments of your life.

You are going to get what the medical and insurance system simply can’t deliver by ignoring this personalized comprehensive approach you deserve.

This is Your Opportunity.

This is Your Crossroads.

You can stay on the path you are on and keep doing what you’ve always done. You can keep struggling and hoping and trying whatever products are put in front of you and hope that eventually one of them works.

You can choose, like many do, to believe, “It’s not that bad…” and ignore the future professional and health challenges you create for yourself.

Or you can take action NOW.

You can sign up for your Thyroid Recovery Consultation today and watch your future change before your eyes.

You can choose to take decisive action. You can choose to avoid the insidious, draining negative effects on your health. You can choose and take your energy, your performance, and life to the next level TODAY.

The question is…

Do you believe you are worth it?

Click the button below to take your next step to transform your energy and health today:

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Yours In Good Health,

Dr. Kevin Smith

P.S. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by investing in the thyroid training webinar. This represents my life’s work and integrates the most cutting-edge health tech and methodologies available. That’s why we are able to get such astonishing results for our clients.